“After Hours” with Tessa McCredie

Sameera Bhana, Tessa McCredie (Guest Speaker) and Eric Bailey

The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce (GSCC) hosted USQ’s Tessa McCredie to discuss ways local businesses can connect to future professionals to co-create the talent pipeline.

The GSCC’s holds twelve after hours events to their members free of charge, and offers the opportunity to network, engage in business with other members and gain access to handy resources, according to President Neil Coupland.

“These events are so important to our members because we do twelve of these a year, and as far as I know we’re the only chamber that does twelve free events for their members,” Mr Coupland said.

“It gives them the opportunity to network, and it gives them the opportunity to explain to other people what sort of business they do.”

“We’ve just launched our members discount card which means they can approach someone within the chamber and say, ‘if I do business with you I’ll give you a discount’ as opposed to them doing business with non-member businesses.”

The Greater Springfield region has rapidly expanded, thus seeing an influx of large and small businesses alike setting up shop in the area.

Mr Coupland encouraged new businesses within the region to trial one of their events to catch a small glimpse of what the Chamber could offer them.

“These talks from Tessa and other guest speakers help our members in the HR department as many large companies have HR departments but small businesses generally don’t, so we try and facilitate these type of resources for them.”

“If you want to work with likeminded people, it’s a great opportunity to come along to one of our events. We invite guests to come along and try it before you buy a membership.”