Art therapy empowering people with a disability


For Ipswich locals who identify as having a disability, the power of art can be therapeutic, make them feel less isolated and most importantly, gives them a voice.

ArtsConnect Ipswich Inc is hosting an Art Exhibition titled “Having Your Voice” to support disabled artists within Ipswich and surrounding areas.

It is through this exhibition that both the artists and ArtsConnect hope to change the way society views a disability; not as a hindrance but as a unique attribute that can be seen as powerful assets if given the right opportunities.

Approximately 30 artists will display their artwork at the Ipswich Community Gallery, where their photography, painting, pottery, craft and mixed media will be available for sale.

In the lead up to the event, ArtsConnect hosted several workshops for artists to get work ready to enter into the exhibition.

ArtsConnect President Glen Smith said the artists he has worked with in the lead up to the event have inspired him through their art and positive attitudes.

“All the artists have a great attitude and was I informed by one of them that the only disability is having a bad attitude,” Mr Smith said.

“Unfortunately, most people see the disability before they see the person. We hope to change this by showing off the amazing talent and abilities of these artists.”

Photographer Larry Stumer who has entered his photography and mixed media works into the exhibition said he hopes this event inspires other people in the community to try a new artistic venture.

“It can be harder [for disabled people] and it can take more time, but you can still do something, particularly if you enjoy it – why not?” Mr Stumer said.

“I used to do photography years ago. I was working and suffered a spinal injury and never thought I could take a picture again.

“From then, I’ve received some assistance and it’s been up, up, up, getting out more and getting more creative because you can be quite isolated.

“I hope a lot of Ipswich people come forward and be inspired to try something new.”

The Exhibition will be held from the 24th to the 26th of August from 10am to 3pm each day.

Entry is free!

For further information, contact Glen Smith via email at