August Entertainment News



In news that is sure to make us all feel a little old…Bindi Irwin is getting married! The daughter of national icon and crocodile hunter Steve Irwin made the announcement via an Instagram post, where she revealed the proposal was a total surprise! Irwin’s fiancé, American water boarder Chandler Powell, told her they were undergoing a photo shoot, but sprung the question mid-way, where younger brother Robert Irwin caught it all on camera.
The proposal took place on Bindi’s twenty-first birthday at Australia Zoo, the home of Steve Irwin’s legacy and where Terri, Robert, Bindi and Chandler all work together. In a bittersweet open letter to her deceased father, Bindi wrote that while she wished more than anything that he could see her get married, he would be proud that his son Robert would take his place walking her down the aisle.
While the proposal may have been a surprise, Bindi is more than ready for the married life, with the wildlife warrior already reporting that she has wanted to have kids with Chandler since she was nineteen, and that she would be very happy as a pregnant bride. While the venue for the big day hasn’t been revealed, Australia Zoo could be a heavy contender, given it’s importance to the family and fans.


The shocking teen drama ‘13 Reasons Why’ is set to return to our Netflix screens come August 23, for its third season. The T.V. show has been hounded by controversy since the release of season one in 2017 and the latest trailer suggests there’s more to come. What originally began as one teenagers introspective and literal journey to understand why his friend committed suicide has now evolved into a murder mystery style show, with the tagline for season three reading “who killed Bryce Walker” a previously central character. This genre change has angered some fans who believes it detracts from the serious conversation the directors once started about suicide, sexual violence, gender roles, bullying and school rituals. The move could also be due to the increasing calls for censorship surrounding the show. The infamous suicide scene that saw Hannah Baker kill herself in the bath tub has now been removed from all Netflix versions, two years after it aired. A spokesperson for Netflix came forward to explain that the release of the new season would potentially cause new viewers to discover the scene all over again and it considered that trauma unnecessary. While not many fresh details have been released about season three, it’s expected to be more viewer approachable while retaining the gripping mystery that caused so many to become hooked in the first place.