Best Wilson Buckley – Family Lawyers


With locations also in Toowoomba, Brisbane and North Lakes, their team is the largest specialty family law team in Queensland. This evolution has created a superior brains trust of expert family lawyers that support each other, and clients, to achieve resolution across the entire spectrum of family law and legal options available in this area.

The Ipswich team is led by Legal Partner and Accredited Family Law Specialist, Amity Anderson. Amity is an Ipswich local having grown up and attending school locally, and returning to practice family law in Ipswich in early 2017.

With more than a decade of experience exclusively in family law, Amity achieves resolutions for her clients by genuinely connecting with them as they set out onto a new pathway.
John Patterson is the other half of the legal team in Ipswich. Also now an Ipswich local, by way of Toowoomba and Brisbane, John takes a purposeful approach to family law resolution. His experience in all areas of family law, and especially parenting arrangements and property settlement is complemented by his background in commercial practice, giving him unique insight to the commercial realties of family law outcomes.

Amity and John are joined by a team of talented, supportive, and friendly faces in Lauren Kruger, Kiara Greenway and Zoe Gault.
“We feel blessed to be part of this community and to be trusted by our clients to support them on their new journey. Sometimes that might only be for initial advice or a second opinion that carries no obligation,” said Amity.
“Other times it is right through negotiations, mediation and even court proceedings.”For us, the most important thing is that people feel informed and supported on their pathway to resolution.”

Myth Busters
Separation and divorce is not something most people plan for. But when it happens, we feel blind-sided, even if it did appear inevitable at some point. So, it is natural to feel distressed, surprised, angry, possibly guilty and certainly fearful.
Most of the fear about separation and divorce is driven by the many and varied myths surrounding family law. Here are some common myths about family law:

It’s always 50/50
There is no law, rule or case that assets and liabilities are always divided equally between parties. The Family Courts adopt a 4 step process in dividing assets and liabilities.
Firstly, an ‘audit’ of the assets and liabilities is undertaken; next is analysing the relevant facts and circumstances of the parties’ relationship including financial and non-financial contributions (before and after the relationship), contributions to the welfare of the family; then considering the future circumstances including ages, incomes, health, care of children; and then determining what is a fair and just division.

I want a divorce
A divorce is simply a piece of paper symbolising the end of the marriage. It does not deal with the division of net property or the care arrangements for children which are often far more complex.

My children are old enough to say where they want to live
Parents can agree what care arrangements are implemented for their children, but there is no law or practice where after a child is say 12 or 14 years old, they can decide. If the Court is required to determine care arrangements the paramount consideration is what is in their best interests.

He/she cheated
The Australian family law system is a ‘no fault system’. This can be difficult and upsetting if you were the spouse betrayed or cheated by the end of the relationship. Our court system does not punish one party for poor behaviour by awarding them less. There are exceptions but they are extremely rare and very unlikely.