Bosses taste military life in Malaysian jungle


Boss Lift, held in the jungles of Malaysia this year, enabled the executives – who permit their employees to be part of the Defence Force Reserves – to experience the training their employees undertake as members of the Reserves.

The experience also enables the executives to understand the importance of the service these reservists who contribute to the Australian Defence Force.

More than 100 Australian Army Reserve members are in Malaysia at present for three months of intensive training, to develop their warfighting skills as part of international engagement activities with regional partners in Southeast Asia.

The employers watched their employees and other Australian Army Reserve soldiers conduct infantry minor tactics such as patrolling, ambushes and section attacks.

They also ate ration packs, learned basic field craft and were given an opportunity to conduct live firing on Army weapons under the safety and supervision of the officers and soldiers deployed on this exercise.

Defence Reserves Support conducts Exercise Boss Lift in support of each Army Reserve rotation to Rifle Company Butterworth, Malaysia.

Exercise Boss Lift participants gain a deeper understanding of the training, skills and capabilities that Reservists can bring back to the civilian workforce.