Busby Marou ‘CMC Rocks’ Ipswich


Announced in the artist lineup for CMC Rocks 2018, Jeremy from folk-roots duo Busby Marou says 2017 was always going to be a make or break year for the band, and it’s been their best year yet.

“We knew we needed some good air time, else we would have had to return to work,” Jeremy joked.

“Thankfully, we got some good airplay, radio stations took a couple of songs from the new album and it’s worked out for us.”

The success of their Postcards from the Shell House album and particularly their hit single Best Part of Me is just one notch on the boys belt, after supporting Elton John in Mackay, Wollongong and Cairns during his Once In A Lifetime tour.

“It was amazing.. we didn’t really have much time to stew on it or think about it which is a good thing because it would’ve made us nervous,” Jeremy said.

“Just to play in front of those massive, massive crowds was something we’ll remember forever.”

Performing in front of a massive crowd is something the Rockhampton natives will have to get used to, as thousands make their annual pilgrimage to Willowbank for CMC Rocks 2018 where Busby Marou will be playing.

The announcement comes as a bittersweet moment for the folk-roots duo after the death of CMC Rocks organiser and close friend, Rob Potts.

“Rob was the one who helped build our career,” Jeremy said.

“He gave us our first CMC Rocks event eight years ago – we were going unpaid, put on at midday and nobody is there to watch you type thing, but it helped launch our career.

“When we found out we were doing CMC Rocks 2018, well I’m the country music fan out of this relationship so I was probably a little more excited than Tom but we love that it’s in Queensland because it feels like our backyard and the lineup for next year is incredible so we’re very pumped.”

Ipswich is a familiar stomping ground for Busby Marou, who have played a few gigs at the Racehorse Hotel with none other than Pete Murray.

“It’s our kind of area,” Jeremy said. “Funnily enough, Ipswich was Tom’s last job.. he’s a lawyer by trade and was doing crown prosecuting there.

“We’re excited to come back.”