Call the lunchbox police


It appears the contents of your child’s lunchbox are worthy of national news, after a spate of passive aggressive notes by teachers to parents have recently made headlines.

These notes warned parents about including “sometimes foods” in their child’s lunchbox – such as cake or lollies.

Whilst the notion of this seems absurd and a little ridiculous, it does prompt the question – what are you sending your child to school with?

Let’s face it, we’re all fond of a biscuit or two, but the onus of healthy eating is on the forefront of educators minds – especially with the rising obesity epidemic in Australia.

So if you’re guilty of giving your child too many “sometimes foods”, read our tips on how to provide your child with easy, healthy and fresh lunchbox foods that won’t result in a sternly worded letter from their teacher.

Have a lunchbox checklist

Kids need a wide variety of important nutrients to get through school and play.  On your list should include a variety of healthy carbohydrates, protein and good fats. Think wholegrain bread, boiled eggs, avocado, veges etc.

Involve the kids

Try making lunchbox prep a game, involving your kids in the fun and allowing them to choose their own fruits, vegetables and sandwich fillings. If they’re old enough, let them make their own or let them help you out – it’s a great way to teach them some new skills.

Utilise your leftovers

If you’re really organised, prep for lunches the night before by placing extra portions into lunchboxes while you’re serving up dinner. By ensuring they’re lunchbox approved meals, your child will love having quiche or veggie pizzas the next day!