Calling Photographers – It’s Enviroplan Time


Photographers can capture the magic of Ipswich’s landscape, to raise awareness for important environmental issues and be in the running to win cash prizes.

Entries for the 2017 Ipswich Enviroplan Photo Competition are now open, with different categories and prizes for anyone to enter.

Gail Bryant, the Overall Winner of the 2016 competition knows what it takes to snap the perfect wildlife shot, as showcased in her winning entry ‘Busy Worker’ (pictured).

Gail is no newcomer to the challenges of wildlife and landscape photography, so the win was particularly thrilling – especially after entering Enviroplan for two years prior.

“That particular year was a pretty big win for me, I had won little things in other photography competitions but [winning Enviroplan] was a really big surprise for me,” Gail said.

“I really do love to get out there and photograph wildlife and then come back and see the end result.

“It’s sort of challenging because you’re getting birds in flight or nature, and I just feel it’s really good to bring it back and share it with other people.”

Capturing wildlife and landscapes has allowed Gail to channel Enviroplan’s goal of raising awareness of important environmental issues, by researching and educating herself on Ipswich’s local wildlife.

For those considering putting in an entry for this year’s competition, Gail encourages anyone to go out and take some photos – beginners or advanced.

“Get to know your camera, understand your settings like your shutter speed, aperture and ISO,” Gail said.

“Even if it’s a point and shoot, you need to know all the features especially if you’re trying to shoot something fast like wildlife.”

“It’s not all about the camera though, I feel like practice and having an eye for photography are the real key.

“I’m pretty particular about my photos.. if I have to go out there and keep trying I will!”

Applications close Monday, 21 August 2017 at 4pm. For further details, including terms and conditions visit