Summer hair style guide


Looking to switch up your hair for Summer?
We’ve got your latest hair fashion looks covered.

Hair got you feeling hot and bothered? Luckily the pixie cut is making a resurgence! If you’re afraid of going too short, you can always go for a shorter bob style. Don’t worry about over-styling these haircuts – you’ll see why next.

It’s summer, and nobody wants to spend hours with heating tools! Undone hair is in, meaning you can wash it, blow dry it, use some texturising sprays and go! We love the lightly tousled look Kendall Jenner is currently rocking.

Don’t want to part ways with your tresses, have no fear – ultra long hair is in! To achieve mermaid status, get some weft extensions. For a cheaper alternative, just get a clip in ponytail like Kylie Jenner did for her 21st.

Ask your hairdresser to incorporate some babylights to frame the face like Gigi Hadid has (above) and opt for free hand painted lighter pieces for a natural ‘sunbleached’ look. You’ll soon trick everyone that you’ve been holidaying up at Noosa, as opposed to what you’ve really been up to: sitting at home in front of the air-conditioner, watching Netflix and eating iceblocks.

Don’t spend hours in the mirror styling hair when you could be swimming or partying, and heated styling tools can make you sweat even further. Your best friend in the hot months is a dry shampoo, to spray on your roots will mean you’ll get more time in between washes. You will also need to tame your summer mane to minimise frizziness. Keep a small bottle of hair oil or a de-frizzing serum in your purse for when you feel the frizz coming on. Finally, you need a decent hat! UV Rays damage our skin and our hair as well. Slip, slop, slap and avoid sun at peak hours to avoid faded, sun damaged hair.