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Lizzie McGuire

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Another streaming site has been added to the growing consortium and for just $13 a month you can access Disney +.
Now that Disney has successfully conquered the Star Wars franchise they are continuing on their journey of throwback cash grabs.
Remakes of old childhood TV shows are proving enormously popular these days and with that comes the return of the beloved Lizzie Maguire.

It’s a brand-new show that will focus on an older Lizzie who is living and working in New York.
In an adorable Instagram post released earlier this month Duff revealed that she is also bringing her family with her!
Mum Hailie Todd, dad Robert Carradine, brother Jake Thomas and best friend Adam Lamberg will all be back on our screens bringing the real heart of the show back to life.
Best news of all, 13 year old animated Lizzie will retain her position as queen of our hearts and continue to act as adult Lizzie’s internal monologue, pink slides and all.

In sadder news (for viewers), Lizzie’s love Ethan Clarke aka Clayton Snyder, is engaged and not making a confirmed return, alongside bestie Miranda (Lalaine
Vergara-Paras) and nemesis Kate (Ashlie Brillault) . Fingers crossed someone is left to pick up the slack on her classic burns… anyone?


Kelly Clarkson has released pictures of her Tennessee mansion as she prepares to put the massive property back on the market.
She originally listed it for $8.75 million in 2017 but when she was unable to shift it she took about $1 million off the price tag and it is now selling for $7.5 million.

The house, which rests on a lake is a world within itself, featuring many rooms for her four children, playgrounds, play rooms, spa rooms, sand volleyball courts, greenhouses, salon themed pool rooms, English-style gardens, a large saltwater pool,a gym, a private elevator, a two storey office, a private dock and an area for al fresco dining.

Clarkson has her own show and is a favourite as a voice coach on the American TV show The Voice. Her success has allowed her to buy another mansion in LA but she is unable to sell her Tennessee one despite already lowering the price by one million dollars.
However she’s not the only rich one with real estate woes.

Celebrities Brie Larson, Justin Timberlake, Lena Dunham, Alex Rodriguez, Harry Styles and Tracy Morgan are just the latest to lose up big in the property market.
There have been rumours that the US is lining up for another housing bubble, which will see even celebrities struggling to sell their mega mansions.

Let’s hope for Clarksons sake there’s a bored millionaire out there with exactly $7. 5 million in their pocket.