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In our December issue of LifeStyle QLD Magazine we are giving away 14 great books.

The Red Coast

After the upheaval which separated Jacqui Bouchard from her beloved son, she has finally settled in Broome, a magical remote town on the northwest coast of Australia.  But when a proposed mining development is unveiled, the town begins to tear itself apart.  Rifts run deep, as friends, families and lovers are faced with a battle that could change their lives irrevocably.  As everyone takes sides, Jacqui confronts her own dilemma: to stay or leave?  Who to trust…..who to love? (PanMacmillan)

A New Map of Love

George Baxter has settle for a comfortable life, content as the years unfold predictably – until Win, his wife of twenty-six years, dies.  With his loyal dog Monty by his side, George throws himself into his work as an antiques dealer.  His business is at the heart of the village and all sorts pass through the doors, each person in search of their own little piece of history.  When George meets local widor Sylvia Newsome, he imagines a different kind of future.  But life has more revelations to offer him.  Over the course of an English summer, George uncovers some unexpected mysteries from his past that could shape his tomorrows…..(PanMacmillan)

Deeper than the Sea

Beth had known there were secrets folded inside Theo.  But she didn’t know they were secrets about her.  It’s always been just Beth and her mother Theo.  Until Beth is sixteen years old, and a stranger arrives in their small coastal town – a stranger with a claim that rips apart all Beth knows.  And what do you do when everything you thought you knew about yourself is based on a lie?  (PanMacmillan)

The Mother’s Promise

Alice and her daughter Zoe have been a team of two all their lives.  They have no family to speak of, and the identity of Zoe’s father remains shrouded in mystery.  They’ve never needed anyone else – until Alice gets sick.  Desperate to find stability for Zoe, Alice reaches out to two near-strangers: Kate, her oncology nurse, and Sonja, her social worker.  As the lives of the three women become inextricably tied, a chain of events is set into motion, forcing them to confront their deepest fears and secrets.(PanMacmillan)

Gimme Shelter

For many returned service men and women, coming home is when the battle really begins.  Read the deeply personal and often hidden stories of 16 special men and women, including Vietnam veterans, peacekeepers, first responders and relatives, whose greatest struggle has been the return to everyday life after service or dealing with the loss of loved ones who lost that battle.  Among them is Paul Stewart, whose brother was one of five journalists killed in Balibo while covering the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, Black Hawk helicopter crash survivor Gary Wilson, and Janny and Hugh Poate, whose son was killed by one of the Afghanistan troops he was mentoring.  For John Bale, a retired army captain who served in Afghanistan where his friend Lieutenant Michael Fussell was killed in an explosion, the aftermath of war service led to him co-founding Soldier On, an organisation that supports those who have served to assist with their physical and mental health.  These are the stories of those who’ve seen it all, and fought to find a way to live with the aftermath of their experiences.(EchoPublishing)

Police Rescue & Bomb Disposal

This is the story of an elite unit that has been protecting public safety for 75 years.  Every day the women and men of NSW Police Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit confronts some of the most challenging and harrowing situations imaginable; including recovering decomposing bodies from cliffs, cutting people out of the wreckage of crashed cars, or disarming improvised explosive devices.  Nerves of steel, compassion and dedication to duty are the core requirements for police rescue operators and bomb technicians. (BigSkyPublishing)

The Secrets of Midwives
CODE WORD: Secrets

In a family of midwives some secrets are too big to keep hidden.  Neva Bradley, a third-generation midwife, is determined to keep the details surrounding her own pregnancy – including the identity of the baby’s father – hidden from her family and co-workers for as long as possible.  Her mother Grace, cannot let this secret rest, even while her own life begins to crumble around her.  For Floss, Neva’s grandmother and a retired midwife, Neva’s situation thrusts her back 60 years in time to a secret that eerily mirrors her granddaughter’s – a secret which, if revealed, will have life-changing consequences for them all.(PanMacmillan)

Take Three Girls

ADY – not the confident A-Lister she appears to be.   KATE – brainy boarder taking risks to pursue the music she loves.    CLEM – disenchanted swim-star losing her heart to the wrong boy.  All are targeted by PSST, a toxic website that deals in gossip and lies.  St Hilda’s antidote to cyber-bullying?  The Year 10 Wellness program.  Nice try – but sometimes all it takes is three girls.(PanMacmillan)

Goth Girl

Lord Goth is throwing a music festival at Ghastly-Gorm Hall, with preformances from the finest musicians in the land.  Ada can’t wait, but it’s quite distracting when her grandmother is trying to find her father a fashionable new wife, there’s a faun living in her wardrobe, and Maltravers is up to his old tricks.  Ada must make sure everything goes to plan, and luckily help is at hand from a very interesting house guest….(Macmillan)

147 Things

What are the chances of You being You?  Why does breaking up make your heart hurt?  Why can’t horses vomit?  I wanted to write a book about how exceptional, fascinating and bloody strange this thing we call life is.  That turned out to be exactly 147 Things.  Some are deep and important, others are ridiculous and seem inconsequential, but they all have their place in my life and it wouldn’t surprise me if they find a place in yours, too.  (Sidgewick&Jackson)

GWR 2017 Blockbusters

All the red-carpet records from your most liked movies, music, social media, TV shows, books and beyond…(GWRLimited)

Growing Food

Learn to grow more than 70 fruit and vegetables with minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment!  Including seasonal recipes, easy backyard activities and tips for dealing with common pests and problems, this is the ultimate guide to Italian-style edible gardening in Australia. (PanMacmillan)

Sepia (Cookbook)

The cuisine of Martin Benn is a celebration of the food and the people behind one of Australia’s most awarded restaurants.(MurdochBooks)

Eat Right for your Shape

Eat right for Your Shape takes a fresh look at the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda and applies it to the way we eat.  In Ayurvedic practice, identifying your unique body type, or ‘dosha’, and keeping it in balance is the key to maintaining your weight and overall health. (MurdochBooks)

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