This month in Defence news…

No 1 Squadron held a Wings ‘n’ Wheels themed family day at RAAF Base Amberley recently, to enable squadron members and their families to relax after a sustained high-performance year graduating Fighter Combat Instructors, training F/A-18F Super Hornet pilots and Weapon System Officers and participating in a number of Defence exercises and operations. Photo: Squadron Leader Grant, shows his wife, Suzie and son, Ezckiel around the squadron.
Two Pilatus PC-9/A(F) aircraft fly over Sydney Harbour during their final ferry flight to RAAF Base Wagga where they will be retired. No 4 Squadron utilised the four modified PC-9/A Forward Air Control variant aircraft in grey paintwork, fitted with smoke grenade dispensers for the training and development of Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, and the maintenance of an operational role providing Forward Air Controllers who liaise with ground elements to provide Close Air Support (CAS). The PC-9A is to be replaced with the PC-21.
Defence Plan Jericho has introduced Ai-Search – an artificial intelligence (Ai) prototype – to transform airborne search and rescue by way of using a detector on an aircraft to enhance search and rescue (SAR). Wing Commander Michael Gan said the idea was to train a machine-learning algorithm and Ai sensors to complement existing visual search techniques. Jericho enlisted the help of Lieutenant Harry Hubbert of Warfare Innovation Navy Branch to find an orange hull in a large body of water, using Ai, in a month. Lieutenant Hubbert developed the algorithms in two weeks.“ The trial was carried out onboard at C-27J ‘Spartan’ aircraft from No 35 Squadron. (Defence Photos)