Doctor visits after hours



No one plans to get sick or injured, but when you do, chances are it will happen on the weekend or after your GP’s normal opening hours – and that’s when a call to an after hours house call doctor can be the answer.

We are all prone to health issues from time to time whether they are seasonal flu related conditions, infant illnesses or age-associated health problems. There are also many of us with parents who are in their later years and who may not be able to easily tend to themselves when ill or drive at night to seek medical treatment.

So, what can you do if your condition is not life threatening, but you feel you can’t wait until your GP clinic opens?

You can call an after hours house call doctor service (Approved Medical Deputising Service) who have doctors ready to visit you in your own home.

This is a Government Approved After Hours Bulk Billed service that is especially helpful for mothers with young children, the over 50s, as well as those with retired parents, those who are travelling, and even those of us with elderly friends, parents, and relatives who may not live nearby.

In the past, a hospital visit was about the only practical answer if you or your loved one became sick overnight, over the weekend or on a public holiday. That saw Emergency Departments crammed with people whose condition may not be life threatening, adding pressure to the hospital and medical staff, often resulting in long waits for those seeking medical assistance.

An after hours house call doctor service can provide optimal support, deliver comfort, and provide medication and scripts at times when we feel particularly vulnerable and in need of urgent care.

Queensland owned and operated House Call Doctor’s Chief Operating Officer, Craig Glover, stated that they are focused on delivering the best after hours house call doctor service to patients in their homes, and being Queensland’s largest provider they have made more than 600,000 house visits since they started in 2015.

Some of the many benefits of the house call doctor services include receiving medical care on weeknights, weekends, and public holidays; being able to have a doctor at your house, hotel room, or retirement village and being able to arrange appointments for loved ones who are living away from you.

House call doctor services are 100 per cent bulk billed for people with Medicare or Department of Veteran Affairs cards.

These services are not designed or offered as an alternative to patients regular GP services rather an assurance to give continuity of care to people who fall ill outside of their GP’s regular hours of business.

The house call doctor services work closely with the patients regular GP sending a detailed email report the next working day to the GP explaining what course of action was taken and any medication given or prescribed.

There’s no doubt this after hours medical services option can provide peace of mind for most people, not just those succeptible to health problems but also those who want a practical alternative when unforeseen health issues occur. It can make all the difference, relieving the pressure of the situation.