Donation welcomed

Mayor Paul Pisasale, Dr Michael Shera and Nicole Richards the Senior Keeper at the Ipswich Nature Centre at Queens Park get up close with new arrival “Bonnie”

Thanks to a local donation, the Ipswich Nature Centre has welcomed two new residents: a breeding pair of Lace Monitors (Goannas).

“Gill” the male and “Bonnie” the female are getting to know each other and are hoped to breed in two years time. They have settled in happily to their new suite and have been soaking up the winter sun.

When local GP, Dr Michael Shera from the Flinders Peak Medical Centre heard the Nature Centre was looking for a pair of Lace Monitors, he donated the breeding pair.

“I used to breed water dragons as a boy so I’ve always been interested in lizards in general. My brothers and I as kids did a lot of bushwalking,” Dr Shera said. “We were always nervous that if we stood still for too long a goanna might mistake us for a tree to climb. I still bushwalk and I’m still on the lookout for wild goannas.

“What’s changed is that I’m lucky enough to now come and see a whole range of lizards and other animals co-habiting at Ipswich Nature Centre. I’m always amazed at how diverse our Australian animals are and how special our South East Queensland region is.

“I’m looking forward to showing Gill and Bonnie to my grandchildren. We’ll be keen to see what colours and patterns the Lace Monitors produce in their offspring,” Dr Shera said.

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale welcomed the arrival of the Lace Monitors to the nature centre family and thanked Dr Shera his kind gesture.

“Visitors will see Gill’s colouring is the natural grey with blotches and spots and is found locally in bushland. “Bonnie sports colouring of light and dark bands and occurs more in inland and northern Queensland.

“Lace Monitors can grow to two and a half metres long and can live to just over twenty years of age in the wild.

“They will make a tremendous addition to Ipswich Nature Centre,” Cr Pisasale said.

Admission is free with the option of giving a gold coin donation. All donations are used for the care of the animals and future improvements to the Nature Centre.