Dressed by Vinnies Day’ hits the mark

West Ipswich St Vincent de Paul Society Op-Shop volunteer Sarah Folley with some of the fashion items and accessories available at Vinnies

While the nation celebrated “Dressed by Vinnies” day last month, West Ipswich St Vincent de Paul Society Op-Shop volunteer Sarah Folley is taking it a step further by encouraging Ipswich residents to support the Society, by incorporating more second hand clothing into their daily wardrobe.

Ms Folley has noticed that many Ipswich residents are becoming increasingly savvy about how and where they spend their money, but still believes more people could benefit from op-shopping.

“You can definitely find big brands and labels here,” Ms Folley said.

“For example, this dress I’m wearing today is by Laura Ashley, there’s other big brands like Seed and then anything right down to Kmart.

“Some people only buy things for a special occasion and only wear it once and then donate it, so you’re getting something almost new for a lot cheaper.”

“Dressed by Vinnies” is just one of the many initiatives the organisation hosts to remind people not only that Vinnies is a fashion destination, but of the good work they do for the community.

“It brings light to Vinnies and people come in and try things and then obviously all of the money goes back to helping people in the Ipswich community,” Ms Folley said.

“Every article you buy, that money goes back to assisting people in some way.”

With fast fashion and landfill becoming a contentious topic, Ms Folley would also like to remind Ipswich residents that by either donating or buying second hand clothing, you will positively contribute to the environment.

“We recycle everything. People often wear things a couple of times and donate it, so I feel like we’re not throwing it in landfill, we’re doing something with it,” she said.

“Why throw it in the bin when you can donate it to Vinnies?”

In 2017, Vinnies Queensland assisted 306,831 Queenslanders and provided $191 million in services and support to people in need.

Vinnies have locations at Redbank Plains, Springfield, West Ipswich and Fernvale.

For more information, including individual addresses, please visit www.vinnies.org.au.