Egg carton herb seedlings


Been thinking of making a seedling herb garden, but don’t know where to start? Spring is a great time to prepare seedlings for planting. This easy seedling starter kit will get you set up for a healthy herb garden in just a few steps!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 egg cartons
  • Crushed egg shells or coffee
  • Potting mix or soil
  • Seeds
  • Spray bottle

    Creating the seedling starters:
  1. Cut the lid off of your first egg carton and place underneath the second.
  2. Put in the potting mix and crushed egg-shells into each egg indent. The egg-shells will provide nutrients for the seedlings as they grow.
  3. Spray the potting mix with water until it is thoroughly damp.
  4. Plant your seeds. Make an indent with your finger as deep as needed for that particular seeds and sow according to the directions.
  5. Cover with soil and place in the sun.
  6. Plant your seedlings, egg cartons and all once seedlings have sprouted.

    Pro tip:
    If you have eggshells left over, you can put the potting mix straight into these and plant your seeds as normal.

    Care: Herbs love regular watering and proper drainage so make sure they continue to receive this love after you’ve transferred them to a proper pot.

    Seasonal Herbs:
    The best herbs to plant in the Queensland Spring are basil, chives, chilli, ginger, dill, oregano, parsley and mint.