Enviroplan winners highlight the best of Ipswich

Overall Winner and ‘People in Nature’ Category: “Make a Wish” by L Roper

Ipswich’s photographic talents have been highlighted in the 2018 Enviroplan Photo Competition.

Winners in several categories have displayed the best of Ipswich’s natural wonders.
There were 1513 entries in the six categories, with this competition being the first time Instagram was a method of entry, accounting for 270 of the total entries. The 2018 winners were: Overall Winner and People in Nature category: ‘Make a Wish’ by L Roper, Native Plants category: ‘Budding Pair’ by C Robinson, Native Wildlife category: ‘Lazy Hazy Afternoon’ by S Rolleston, Natural Landscapes category: ‘Setting Sun’ by D Langley, Teens category: ‘My Peaceful Place’ by K Swan and Kids Category: ‘Chin-ups’ by V Gibbs.

The best Enviroplan Photo Competition images will be showcased in council’s free 2019 Enviroplan calendar.

A council spokesperson said every year there were amazing entries to the Enviroplan Photo Competition.

“An important part of the Ipswich Enviroplan program is encouraging greater appreciation of our local environment, and inspiring action to protect our natural areas,” she said.

“Participating in the Enviroplan Photo Competition encourages people to get outdoors and explore Ipswich’s natural beauty, which inspires a stronger awareness and self-driven protection of natural environments.”

See some of the winning images at: enviroplanphotocomp.com.au