Features to make your new home stand out


If you’re in the market to build a new home, what features do you want to make your home special, that will best suit your family’s needs?

To decide what to include in your dream home, think about the frustrations of where you live now that you want to improve on. Also think long term. Try to anticipate your future needs and design your new home to suit.

Here are a few inspirational features that are popular in the latest homes being built.
Bicycle Rooms

Cycling is an ever popular activity for adults and children, so having a place to keep all the gear you take on a ride, to do repairs and to hang bicycles is a great feature. It’s normally off the garage, but can also be on the side of the home with external access.

Drop Zones

Also known as “mud rooms”, drop zones are a handy space between the garage and the house for shoes and school bags. They can include hooks for coats and hats, and might also feature charging stations for devices so you can put phones and tablets on charge before heading inside to relax.

Enhanced Showers

Big bathtubs are a luxurious way to relax, but how often are they actually used? Now it has become more practical and desirable to have a larger shower with seats, spacious shelving, multiple showerheads or even a steam feature. This is a luxury that you will use everyday.

Flex Room

We’re not talking about a “multi purpose room”, but a much smaller pocket sized room that has multiple applications. Generally located off the family room with sliding doors to hide the mess, the flex room can be used as an additional office space, a little library, for children’s games and play time, or even as a meditation room.

Butler’s Pantry

A very functional room located off the main kitchen, it generally has additional kitchen cabinetry, an extra sink and food storage. It can also include a dishwasher, wine fridge and wine storage, and is a great place for all those cumbersome appliances such as your ice-cream maker, slow cooker, air fryer, mixer, blender, toaster and kettle!

Communal Study

Located close to the kitchen, communal studies are popular with families who do not want their children doing homework on computers in their bedrooms. Mum and dad can help the kids with their homework, and keep an eye on what they’re doing online. Even parents like the communal study, as they prefer to be in the living space as they work, rather than locked away out of sight.

When thinking about the features of your new home, consider building at Torhaven. With beautiful parklands, and elevated lots to capture breezes and views, you’ll love living at Torhaven.