Fine art donated to gallery

J. Howard Ashton's Newcastle from the Hill, c.1925

A magnanimous art collector has made a large bequest that is the Ipswich Arts Foundation’s most significant contribution by an individual to date. To celebrate this generous bequest, more than 130 works, which is only part of the total collection, is on display at the Ipswich Art Gallery with the free exhibition ‘A Private Collection’.

Councillor Kylie Stoneman said the donor’s pieces featured in ‘A Private Collection’ include William Bustard, Robert Campbell, Julian Ashton, Lionel Lindsay and Charles Lancaster. “All that can be said of the collectors is they amassed their personal collection of Australian art over 60 years, and as a lasting gift to admirers of traditional art, they planned for the total collection to be shared among a number of Queensland galleries,” she said.

“At the same time, visitors to the Ipswich Art Gallery will be able to view the ‘d’Arcy Doyle works’ exhibition, with items donated by brothers Peter and Jim McMahon in memory of their parents.

“It includes the incredible 1966 oil on canvas, titled Australia’s first challenge for the America’s Cup, Newport, which is almost four metres wide.”

Ipswich Arts Foundation President Dr Ian Lupton said the bequest would help to cultivate the arts in Ipswich.

“We are incredibly fortunate to be one of the Queensland galleries to benefit from this private collector’s generosity,” he said.

“We have a lot of people who contribute to the Ipswich Arts Foundation, and everyone who does so is giving something special.”

Both ‘A Private Collection’ and ‘d’Arcy Doyle works’ are on display at Ipswich Art Gallery until Tuesday June 5. Keep an ear out though, as two other art galleries are also the recipients of this very generous bequest. You can view these works in the Ipswich Art Gallery daily from 10am-5pm and entry is free.