Garden lovers ready for the Spectacular!


Summer is finally winding down and plants everywhere are sighing in relief as the cool descends. There could be no better time to celebrate the biannual Ipswich Garden Spectacular at the Silkstone State School.
Presented by the Ipswich Orchid Society and the Ipswich and District Bromeliad Society, the Spectacular will highlight the beauty of the much loved orchid and bromeliad as well as showcase a range of other flowers and plants.
The occasion also marks a special milestone for the Ipswich Orchid Society who will celebrate their 60th anniversary.
Operating throughout Ipswich for 60 years, the Orchid Society has attracted a close-knit group of people who connect over their love for the orchid and the gift of the green thumb.
Rob Stinson is one such gardener who has recently been inducted as a Life Member and has been apart of the society for forty years. In a letter to the society and its members, Rob detailed his journey from a childhood that was sparked by a keen interest in the flower right through to his continued dedication which sees him growing over 100 varieties.
The society has travelled throughout Ipswich and Brisbane touring at flower shows, winning prizes, organising bush walks, bus tours and events all centred around celebrating the brightly coloured blooms.
Although the idea of a gardening society may seem like a niche interest, Rob joined in 1974 when he was twenty years old and says he has never looked back.
“This club is this best thing that has happened in my life. It helped my confidence with and understanding of people, which has helped me throughout my life. And I thank everybody, – past, present and future for this.” Mr Stinson has high hopes for the continued success of the Ipswich Orchid Society, which he believes to be one of the finest in Queensland.
For those inspired by Rob’s story and the chance to light up their garden, the Garden Spectacular will run across the weekend on the 13th and 14th of April.
Entry is $4 and there will be a wide range of plants for sale including orchids, bromeliads, tillandsias, cacti, succulents and more. In addition, there will be cultural lectures, a coffee shop, floral arrangements and raffles. The event is wheelchair friendly and disabled parking will be available.