Breakfast sorted! Growing a fruit salad garden

Fruit salad


Conquering the pineapple 

Despite their spiky attitudes, pineapples are amazingly easy to grow!

 How to grow

  • Start with a cut off crown of a pineapple, making sure to remove all fruit flesh until it is clean and dry.
  • Leave the crown for a day or two to thoroughly dry out.
  • Fill a pot with a rich fertilised soil, and plant the crown so that the exposed white nub is buried.

How to care for

  • Make sure not to water your yellow friend too much, the strong, tough leaves mean that there is little evaporation.
  • You won’t need to transplant it, as they grow very well in pots. But make sure you’re pot is deep and wide enough to accommodate the fruit.
  • Wait and watch, and in about a year, your pineapple will arrive!

Raising the orange (and most citrus) 

You can grow citrus from seeds, but as many varieties take almost 7 years to produce a crop, you are better off choosing a seedling and getting closer to that juice.

How to grow

  • Choose a sunny spot that will allow up to 6 hours of direct sunlight a day.
  • Soak your seedling root base by dunking it in water for a minute or two.
  • Dig a hole that is twice the width and twice the depth of the root base.
    • Cover with soil, and then mulch round the base but keep it away from the trunk.How to care for
  • Water once or twice a week.
  • Spread fertiliser around the tree to encourage growth and healthy crops. Citrus takes a lot of feeding.
  • Pruning is not essential for it to bear fruit but is good for clearing dead growth.

Blooming the passionfruit 

Got a fence that needs an upgrade? Garnish it with a lush, fruity vine.

          How to grow

  • Choose a rich, well drained soil in a large pot.
  • Dig a deep and wide hole, and plant your seedling, teasing out the roots gently. Water well.
  • Mulch it with a finer material like sugar cane or pea straw.

How to care for

  • Water thoroughly a couple of times a week, making sure to cover the entire planting area and not just the stem.
  • It loves a good chicken manure, but steer clear of those high in nitrogen, as it affects the fruit and flower quality.
  • You can train it up along the fence, or wait for it to find its own way.

Taming the banana 

Ah bananas, let me count the ways I love thee….

     How to grow

  • Bananas are a warm loving fruit, so choose a spot that receives at least six hours a day of sunshine.
  • Prepare for planting with a rich, well drained soil that receives regular moisture and turn manure through the soil with a pitchfork.
  • Take your plants and dig a deep hole, and cover with soil. If you’re planting multiple trees, plant metres away from each to ensure plenty of room to grow.

       How to care for

  • Water regularly and fertilise every eight weeks.
  • Cover any sprouting fruit flowers with an open ended plastic bag to deter flying foxes and other pesky fruit pinchers!