Hold on to your hat… the Maggies are back!


Yes, it’s magpie swooping season! We couldn’t talk about the beginning of Spring without mentioning the black and white bird that loves to torment us.

That’s right, it’s magpie breeding (a.k.a. magpie swooping) season. And while it is only meant to last for six weeks of the year, an unseasonably warm winter has meant magpies have begun swooping earlier than usual.

Maybe these tips will help you survive magpie breeding season.

If you must go near the nest of a magpie, remember:

– Wear a hat and sunglasses or hold a bag or umbrella over your head.
– Get off your bike and walk.
–  ‘Spike up’ your bike helmet with a few cable ties.
– Walk in a group.
– Watch magpies that you see.
– Don’t fight back – they are just protecting their babies, after all.
– Never approach a young magpie.

If there’s a particularly tenacious magpie that is becoming aggressive and a risk to human safety, you can contact the Ipswich City Council or any licensed bird relocator to remove the bird from the area.
Perhaps the best advice we can give is to avoid magpie nests all together. How? Unless you want to stay inside until November, we suggest visiting www.magpiealert.com, a website where those who have been swooped or injured by a magpie list the exact location of the nest and bird.
If you’re unfortunate to have fallen prey to a vicious maggie, make sure you report it and help your fellow walkers and bike riders out!