How an MBA could take you from corps to corporate


Military skills don’t always translate readily or practically into the civilian world. Someone who knows this all too well is Tony Tremlett, former Chief Operating Officer of Wandering Warriors. After spending twenty years in the military, Mr Tremlett was looking for something that would make his management skills learnt in the Australian Defence Force applicable to the civilian world.
“In the military, you don’t really leave with a qualification that people in the civilian world can interpret,” Mr Tremlett said.
Securing a full scholarship through the Wandering Warriors to be apart of the University of Queensland’s Business School MBA program, Tony’s life changed dramatically – for the better.
“I didn’t have an undergraduate degree, so being able to do an MBA really assisted me to transition to the world of business,” he said.
With a MBA behind him, Tony was able to become the COO of the Wandering Warriors as well as becoming the Investment Manager for Blue Sky Alternative Investments, which he still works as today.
During his time as COO at Wandering Warriors, Tony was able to secure a three year agreement between the veterans organisation and UQ to ensure that three full scholarships would be awarded annually for three years.
Veterans looking to re-focus their lives often need further education or retraining. Wandering Warriors has linked with institutes like the University of Queensland to provide higher learning to provide degree programs for selected veterans.
For those questioning whether they should apply for the UQBS MBA Scholarship, Tony suggests to “just go for it.”
“Every application is considered on merit and the opportunities it gives to the applicant,” he said.
“Studying a MBA is truly a life changing experience.” There are only three fully paid scholarships to the UQBS MBA program up for grabs – a program that is consistently rated in the top 20 programs globally and rated Australasia’s best.
If you are interested in applying for the program, you will need:
1. An undergraduate degree with requisite GPA and a minimum 3 years high level management of full time work experience, OR no undergraduate degree, but a minimum of 7 years high level management or full time work experience.
2. Able to complete the MBA within three years.
3. Detailed resume that includes depth and breadth of experience and academic merit.
4. Covering letter outlining:
Demonstrated leadership
Potential benefit to candidate Potential to support Wandering Warriors and the wider veteran community.
Successful candidates will also be subject to UQBS selection criteria. Applications will close April 25, 2019 and successful candidates will be notified by the Wandering Warriors CEO on or by May 2, 2019.
Wandering Warriors is a fundraising initiative of the Australian Special Air Service Association. They believe that they have a lifelong obligation to care for and support our brothers and their families and, where practicable, extend that care to the wider veteran community. However, they help more than those who served in the SAS, and simply want to help create links between veterans and employers. For more information about Wandering Warriors, or to apply for the MBA Scholarship, visit