How to rock Autumn


So you’ve been pouring over the latest looks at New York Fashion Week 2019. Great, but how exactly can you incorporate these runway looks into your everyday life? Here are the do’s and don’ts of Autumn’s latest trends.

Do: Choose a short that is tailored, knee length and a little looser on you. A nice belt also looks great to cinch in the waist, whilst keeping the leg of the pant quite flowy. Pair it with a singlet or t-shirt tucked in, thin white sneakers and beachy, natural hair.
Don’t: Go outlandish with the colour. Beige, khaki, browns and black are perfect for this trend. Since the shorts are quite masculine, ensure your shirt isn’t too bulky or loose and keep your accessories more feminine.

Do: Opt for a more gently beaded style if you’re wanting to rock sparkles in the day time, and go all out with a blindingly glitzy number for night time events. Pastel sequinned outfits can prevent the number from looking too over the top. Heading into Winter, swap out sequin mini dresses for jumpsuits with a long leg: stylish and warm.
Don’t: Go overboard with your accessories – let your sequinned outfit do the talking! It’s also a good idea to find a sequinned number in a simpler cut eg. Without puffy sleeves or peplums. Don’t complicate the look.

Do: Go for a dress or top that has a square neckline. Ensure the shoulder is gathered with elastic as opposed to a padded shoulder – it can look too boxy otherwise.
Don’t: Buy it if you’re not totally in love – this trend isn’t for everyone and there’s no use investing in a big shouldered garment if it doesn’t suit your body type, or if you’re not 100 per cent sold on it. Opt for whites or pastel colours as opposed to heavily printed or bold colours – it’s too intense otherwise.

Do: Look for accessories in either trend – handbags, earrings or headbands. Go as subtle or outrageous as you like!
Don’t: Go all out on buying everything fringed or feathered. Start small with accessories, and work your way up to shoes or jackets if you really love with this trend.

Do: From high end boutiques to high street stores, elements of the safari suit have been creeping in to our fashion forecast – think oversized breast pockets, big buttons and statement belts. It’s not just reserved for tops and shorts either – for example, Australian brand Zimmermann recently released a jumpsuit in this style. Try it!

Do: Whether it’s sheer sleeves, sheer tops or even sheer bottoms, the see-through look is really hot right now. Depending on how daring you are, you can customise it to your comfort level – wear a modest slip or dare to bare as much as you like!