Ipswich 2020 Election Candidates


On March 28 Ipswich voters will go to the polls to take part in an election designed to provide each division with the best candidates.

This will be the first election since the era of government-led corruption that clouded the last council, and the first time since then, that voters will be able to have a say in who governs their city.
Due to the new electoral division roles, there will be four divisions, each with two councillors and one mayor for Ipswich.

These are the candidates for the Ipswich 2020 election.

Mayoral Candidates 

Pat Walsh 
Teresa Harding 
Ursula Monsiegneur 
David Martin 
Mark Williams
Chris Smith
Karakan Karoly Kochardy

Division One

Pye Augustine 
Will Jankovic
Simon Ingram 
Jacob Madsen
Kendall Newman 
Sheila Ireland 
Jim Thompson
Conny Turni

Division Two 

James Pinnell
Steven Purcell 
Andrea Dunn 
Luise Manning 
Sirle Adamson 
Sarah Knopke
Anthony Bull 
Paul Modra 
Brad Hunt
Paul Tully and Nicole Jonic 

Division Three 

Rochelle Caloon
Jim Dodrill
Toni Gibbs 
David Box 
Darren Close 
Marnie Doyle 
Alyson Lewis and Bill Heck 
Andrew Fechner
Drew Pickwick
Kevin Le Grice
Jacinta Bull

Division Four   

Kate Kunzelmann
Russell Milligan
Brian Scott
Shane Blake
Gary Duffy 
Susan Dunn