Ipswich growth above 5 percent


Humble ol’ Ippy – now one of Australia’s fastest growing cities. As Ipswich’s growth rate soars to a whopping 5.38 per cent, it begs the question: why are so many people from other cities, states and countries looking to call Ipswich home?

Just over a decade ago Ipswich celebrated its 150,000th resident, but 11 years on the city is surging towards the 250,000 mark and at an unprecedented rate – officially cracking the 215,000 point. At this current growth, 250,000 is only two or three years away an that number is expected to double over the next decade or so, according to official population projections.

With these numbers, it’s little to no wonder that Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals that Ipswich is ranked as one of the fastest growing cities in Queensland, and in the top ten in the country.

Ipswich City Council’s Planning and Development Quarterly Report for July to September confirms that our population growth rate has increasd beyond the previous highest growth rate in 2009, which was 4.5 per cent. An extra 2,858 people now call Ipswich home, increasing our population to 215,391. The South East Queensland Regional Plan projects Ipswich’s population to be a shade under 500,000 by 2036.

So, where are people migrating to in the Ipswich region?
The city’s population hotspots are Spring Mountain, South Ripley, Redbank Plains, Ripley and Bellbird Park.
Spring Mountain, the latest booming suburb in Greater Springfield, experienced 106 per cent growth over the previous quarter. Population more than doubled from 664 to 1,370, and that will continue to flourish as more people move into the sprawling new development. It was a similar 106 per cent growth in terms of new dwellings, doubling from 226 to 466.
The population boom has identified the need for a new school to be built there, with Spring Mountain State School set to open its doors for the new school year in January 2019.
The building boom also continues unabated across the region, as Ipswich continues to be the envy of local government areas across Queensland.
Other suburbs with the most lots created during the September Quarter were Karalee, Brassall, Redbank Plains, Deebing Heights and Augustine Heights.
With growth numbers like these, it’s no wonder there is strong lobbying for the rail line that terminates at Springfield to be extended through to the Ripley Valley growth corridor.

So, why are people flocking here?
One of the key reasons is job creation.
New job creation in the quarter saw 92 in the commercial sector, 269 in retail, 353 in industrial and five in other categories. In the previous quarter, 165 new jobs across all sectors were created.
Other key reasons people move to Ipswich according to Homely reviews include affordable house pricing and cost of living, ease of access to Brisbane CBD, great parks and recreational spaces, a booming Defence industry, the growing cafe and restaurant culture and the anticipation of the redeveloping CBD.

So, is it time to invest in a property in Ipswich?
Short answer, yes! If you can afford it and it fits into your life plan, why not?
With the $1.5 billion expansion at RAAF Amberley, combined with a booming job market, it’s a great time to invest in Ipswich. Study the growth hotspots, market patterns and speak with real estate experts to decide upon an area that will benefit families deciding on the Ipswich region as home.