Ipswich Library Pod opens in Karalee


Karalee has scored an Australian first with the opening of its own self-service Library Pod at Karalee Shopping Village. Previously, library members had to rely on the Mobile Library to turn up on specific days and times.

Innovation is key for this unique public library, creating a virtual branch of Ipswich Libaries. This enables members to use either their mobile phone or their library card to browse, borrow and log the return of books.

The move to a self-serve library system is seen as meeting modern community trends, enabling borrowers to access library services at a time that is convenient to family routines.
The Library Pod offers a curated collection of multiple copies of the popular and trending books, in self-serve cabinets.

It also has a large touch screen where customers can browse the library’s e-books, e-magazines and downloadable audio collections and borrow immediately.

Customers can open up one of the collection cabinets, make their choice, and the embedded RFID system will then automatically lend out the items without needing to do anything else.

The Library Pod will also be available for the return of Pod books and for the collection of items reserved online.

Also a first is being able to borrow and return items 24/7 and borrow up to 20 items at any one time.

All that is needed is for borrowers to scan their membership card or from their mobile phone app, the cabinet door will open and books may be selected. Removed books are automatically checked out to your account.

Standard loan period of four weeks applies to Pod items, while the standard renewal period of two weeks applies to Pod items.

Even signing up as a library member is more convenient via the Ipswich Libraries App.
The Pod stocks mostly Top 20 Adult Fiction, with some Top 20 Adult Non Fiction, and new titles will be added each month.

Initially, there will only be a limited number of children’s books but this may change in the future. However, the ability to reserve books from the Ipswich Libraries catalogue for pick up at the Pod helps alleviate this restriction.