Is your body shape paparazzi ready?


Luke Zocchi can help you get there

There aren’t many personal trainers in the world who can claim the shredded abdominals of Chris Hemsworth are a direct result of a trainer’s health and fitness program. In fact, Luke Zocchi is probably the only person with those bragging rights.

Chris Hemsworth describes Zocchi as “the world’s best trainer – and a flat out legend” and says he is not the only A-List person who can thank Zocchi for their paparazzi ready bodies. Cate Blanchett, Liam and Luke Hemsworth, Bobby Holland Hanton, Elsa Pataky and Tiaka Waititi are just some of the celebrities Zocchi has worked with in the past.

However, Zocchi stresses that this book is not just for celebrities training for their next Hollywood Blockbuster; rather, a program for the average everyday Australian who is time poor yet wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

If the name Luke Zocchi sounds familiar, it’s because he is ‘that’ guy who, with Chris Hemsworth, picked up a hitchhiker heading from Brisbane International Airport to Byron Bay, allowing the young musician Scott Hildebrand to not only have a free ride – but to take a free ride in a helicopter.

Clearly, being someone who goes with the flow and loves to have a bit of fun, Zocchi said both he and Hemsworth were not expecting the news to go viral. “People have been saying ‘you guys have pre-planned that’ but I swear to God it was just a random event that happened,” Zocchi said.

“It’s the craziest story. When Hildebrand got off the plane he saw a sign for the showers, so he decided to have a quick shower. When we got to the point where we saw him and picked him up, he said he literally had only been there for a minute… so if he never had that shower, we never would have met each other.

“It was just a fun, cool time and he is a really nice guy. It turns out he’s into health and fitness as well, so I gifted him a copy of the book.”

The A-List Diet and Fitness Plan is reminiscent of Zocchi’s laidback personality: wholesome, fun yet still hardworking and jampacked full of great information.

With recipes like breakfast pizzas, burgers and ice cream, Zocchi’s mantra is less about counting calories and more about nourishing your body.

“When I’m prepping clients for a film, I have a chef on standby, and the whole schedule is based around our training and the whole agenda is focused on getting them ready for a film,” Zocchi said.

“What I’ve tried to do is take what I do with famous people, but put it into a program that suits anyone with a busy lifestyle: quick 20-minute body weight workouts so you don’t even have to go to the gym to get your training session.”

While the book focuses on a 12-week program, there’s a meal plan that is not so restrictive that you can’t enjoy a few indulgences from time to time.

“I’ve tried to make this as manageable as possible to stay in good shape without sacrificing everything,” he admitted. “I still like to have a drink or eat out, I’m pretty realistic with my approach to health and fitness… it’s finding that right balance of moving regularly and eating well, to feel a difference. It’s about looking good, but also feeling good.”

The A-List Diet and Fitness Plan is available now at all good book stores.