John Street Upgrade

Cr David Pahlke, Mayor Andrew Antoniolli and Harry Pizanias discussing the draft plans for John Street


While plans for the transformation of John Street Rosewood may be award winning, local Councillor David Pahlke said there are still many hurdles to overcome before the project comes to fruition.

With no money currently allocated in the local or state budget, a camber in the road worth $4-5 million to fix and an ‘overkill’ of community consultation, it appears the transformation of John Street in Rosewood may take longer than expected.
However, Division 10 Cr David Pahlke and his trusty team of ‘Rosewood Mainstreeters’ have faith they can get the project off the ground sooner rather than later.

“Rosewood has always been recognised as a growth corridor for the future.. but it never really occurred,” Cr Pahlke said.

“The township has a good future, but we need growth for confidence.

With the $6.5 million Rosewood Library set to open in late 2019, Cr Pahlke believes it’s the perfect kickstart to begin growth and confidence in John Street.

“The library will be a magnet to draw people into town,” Cr Pahlke said.

“It’s not just a library. It’s not just books. It will be a Western Corridor library with a tourism presence, a historical room.. something similar to the Ipswich Library.”

With a ‘quick wins’ fix approximated at $52,000-200,000 and a short term action plan priced at $1.3 million, it may be some time before John Street sees a lick of paint.

However, the ‘Rosewood Mainstreeters’ are beginning to take small steps, like Elly-Rae Fashions who now trade on Sunday’s – something unheard of in the rural town.

Harry Pizanias, owner of popular food hot spot Harry’s Place Cafe has been a leading advocate in the John Street refresh. Mr Pizanias believes the beginning of the transformation doesn’t need to be expensive to make a difference.

“I’d like the footpaths to get re-done, new planter boxes around to make it more interesting, more of the shops to be filled up hopefully and a bit of a paint job to make it more exciting for people to come through and visit,” Mr Pizanias said.

“The reason why I decided to open a cafe here is because the people in Rosewood are so loving. They always say ‘hello, how are you’ no matter what, it’s beautiful and I want tourists to see that.”

Cr Pahlke has put in for grants from both the Ipswich City Council and State Government, and is patiently waiting for next year’s budgets.

You can track the street’s progress or view the current draft plans at

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