Kate Wasley succeeds as a top ‘curve’ model


For the first time since opening her doors in 1990, Lorna Jane Clarkson chose a curve model, Kate Wasley, to advertise her clothing, a move highly praised by critics and devotees alike.

Despite controversial comments on ‘plus-sized’ women, Lorna Jane Clarkson has diversified her brand by including XL sizing.

Clarkson was quoted earlier in the year that she would not be releasing a ‘plus-size’ range, arguing that the brand hasn’t “felt the demand for bigger sizes.”

However, it appears Clarkson has had a change of mind with her Lorna Jane’s latest style guide featuring Perth-born curve model, Kate Wasley.

Wasley, who represents Vivien’s Model Management is excited to be the first curve model featured by the activewear brand.

“It’s a dream come true for so many reasons… mostly because I have such a strong passion for health and fitness,” Kate said.

“As a personal trainer, I’ve seen so many women of all ages struggle with eating, exercise and body image – the ‘fitspo’ images floating around on the internet aren’t physically attainable for everyone and they focus on only a small percent of women.

“I’m excited to show people no matter what your size, you can go to the gym, eat healthy and be fit and do what ever the hell you want; I’m excited to be a part of a movement that focuses on health and not size.”

Kate, who also models for other Australian retailers like Autograph, is hoping that the Lorna Jane campaign helps inspire other companies to embrace curve sizing and diversity in their choice of models.

“I truly believe that embracing all body shapes in advertising and fashion is an amazing start to combat body issues in women,” Kate said.

“Women always have and always will come in their own unique shape  and it’s about time companies embrace woman for who they are and not what they think everyone should be.”

The new campaign has been warmly welcomed on Lorna Jane’s social media pages.

“Love this girl and that you are finally showing your clothing line on different body types – makes it much easier to see how the clothes will fit!,” commented one woman.

Another wrote, “So refreshing to scroll through my Facebook and see a model I can identify with! Thank you Lorna Jane for taking this step forward.”

Kate’s photoshoot and the new Lorna Jane collection is at https://www.lornajane.com.au/styleguide.