Last minute Halloween costumes!


It’s no secret that we are all guilty of slipping a pun now and then, so use your puns to your advantage! Think costumes like ‘breadwinner’ where all you need is a loaf and a medal, ‘smarty-pants’ glue some smarties to your pants, ‘avocado toast’ hang a painted avocado around your neck and hold a drink and ‘copy-cat’ just some cat ears and a ‘control-c’ sign needed here!

Bread winner!

Drawing inspiration from your favourite socials, grab some cardboard and design it as your favourite photo or video application. You then dress up as a well-known image or Youtube video or keep the caption vague. Best of all, you can include others in your costume when it comes time for photos!

World’s best contour?

Dressing up as a TV show or movie character usually means you can use or borrow clothes with no need to buy more. Just slap together a few of these iconic characters to perfect the look. Arthur the Ardvaark: yellow jumper, glasses, ears; Regina George: cut a couple of holes in a white singlet and slay; Rory Gilmore: dig out that old school uniform; Penny Lane from Almost Famous: op-shop for a 70’s fur trim coat and curl your hair; Rachel from Friends: some cute overalls, a 90’s cropped tee and tea towel over the shoulder.

Where’s the rest of his pack?

If you’re heading to a party with your squad, get together before hand to synchronise your outfits. There are plenty of great ideas for groups of four or more. A Crayon pack: each person wears a different colour with cone on head; fruit salad; any 80’s glam rock band: just add big hair and bandanas; Stranger Things crew; raining men- grab an umbrella and a handful of your best looking guy friends, mermaids, dominoes, a rollercoaster and even the four seasons!