Local teacher says run for your healthy life

Clay Dawson wins Park2Park 2016

Clay Dawson was once overweight, out of shape and had no interest in running. That is until one day, at the beginning of his fitness journey he found the equipment at his gym had broken, so he decided to take a jog around the block.

Nowadays, the Rosewood State High teacher is winning races left, right and centre, with the One Mile Gift being the most recent.

Mr Dawson’s message to those who may feel too intimidated or unfit to run is “just try it.”
“The variety of people who run is endless,” Mr Dawson said.

“People think, ‘oh, I’m not fast enough to run’ but really there’s a whole spectrum of runners and their abilities.”

With the Ipswich Park2Park run fast approaching, Mr Dawson also encourages first time runners to give it a go.

“I think the key is to not be intimidated by running groups or park runs like the Ipswich Park2Park,” Mr Dawson said.

“The Park2Park is a staple run for me, being from Ipswich and all.

“It’s one of the first races I won, at least one of the most special anyway.”

Held on the 30th of July, the Ipswich Park2Park has different race categories including the half marathon, 10km, 5km run or 5km walk, meaning any running ability is welcomed and encouraged.

If you are interested in racing, please visit www.park2park.com.au, or visit the www.ihfoundation.org.au to learn about their various running groups.