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Dirty John – it’s the Netflix series everybody is talking about, scared about and perhaps will cause you to never date online again. With Aussie talent Eric Bana playing psychopath and con man, John Meehan and also executively directing the show, Dirty John is based upon a true story – yikes! However, there were a few changes to what really happened – and we have the inside scoop!
1. Some of the biggest and simplest changes had to do with the make-up of Debra’s family. In real-life, the divorced interior designer had four children, not three. (John also had another sister and a brother, who weren’t depicted on the show.)
2. Debra’s eldest daughter was not included in any media retelling of their family’s trauma, while Debra’s second child’s name was changed from Jacquelyn, to Veronica. Her beloved nephew’s name was changed from Shad Vickers in real-life to Toby on the show. Both Jacquelyn and Shad gave their accounts on the Dirty John podcast by the LA times, but the show didn’t have the ‘life rights’ to their stories – and asked their names to be changed.
3. Some other minor details left out of the show included things like Debra having to buy a whole new wardrobe for John as he told her, “Dress me. I want to please you.” They went to Brooks Brothers after he claimed his clothes had been stolen during his time in Iraq.

You may not believe in psychic mediums, but Rebel Wilson does!
In an episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, which premiered in February, the powers-that-be are considerably more interested in getting in touch with the actor’s younger sister, Liberty.
“They’re having me talk about her starting over. That’s really the only way I can describe it,” Tyler explains. “They’re basically having me talk about her feeling insecure because of her age and where she’s at…obviously, she’s still young. But there’s this feeling of trying to plan the future and feeling like she’s behind in some way.”
Rebel doesn’t give away too much about what sister Liberty is going through, but begins getting emotional – and knows exactly what Tyler is referring to.
“Liberty has just been going through a rough…a rough patch,” she says. “So, I think as her sisters and as her family we all try to help her move past it and become the person she’s supposed to be.”
According to Tyler, it’s not just the Wilson sisters in her corner – actually there are quite a few unearthly authorities looking out for Liberty, too. And apparently, they want her to know she’s on the right path.
“They’re needing to let her know, like, ‘No. This is good. The best is yet to come,’” Tyler relays, adding a strong recommendation to “get all this stuff from the past out” and stay focused on moving forward.
Rebel whipped out her phone to tell Liberty, who was gobsmacked but appreciative of Tyler’s advice.

Little Penelope Disick got her first hair cut – and it’s probably the ‘it’ do of the season.
Penelope, now six showed off her new shoulder-length hair on mother Kourtney Kardashian’s instagram, with fringed layering at the ends and a hint of bangs. It was styled with a messy center part. Whilst most kids have a hair cut well before six years old, Kourtney Kardashian does things a little differently. Her eldest son, Mason had long hair until he was six and her youngest son Reign, also rocks a baby man bun.
Kourtney is often slammed for her unorthodox and hippie style of parenting, but one thing is for certain – she does make cute kids.