‘March’ in your garden


After a sweltering summer your garden may be looking a little worse for wear. March is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the year ahead.

Prep for a big Easter overhaul
Why not dedicate your Easter holiday period to tend to your gardening? Although that isn’t for another month or so, you can take small steps now to prep for your garden overhaul – get your tools cleaned up and sharp, make sure there’s line in the trimmer, and stock up on any supplies you might need. A great place to start for backyard equipment or repairs is Ipswich Mower & Saw Service, or if it’s plants you need, speak to Julie at North Tivoli Nursery.

Get inspired
Why not visit the Brisbane Garden and Plant expo for some ideas? Held on 16/17 March where you can learn about organic and edible gardening, native and non-native plants whilst hearing from guest speakers and browsing through plant stalls. For more, visit www.plantexpo.com.au

What about the vege patch?
March is an excellent time for planting a wide range of veggies in the ground in Ipswich and surrounding areas, allowing gardeners to make the most of the mild autumn conditions ahead. You could always try fruits and veggies such as tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants; lettuce; radish; carrot, beetroot and silverbeet; beans, peas, cucumber and zucchini; cabbage, broccoli; turnip, onions, garlic.
Feeling adventurous? March is also a good time to plant strawberry runners. Potted strawberry plants are also available from garden centres, which is an easier option for growing novices or if you just want to try a few plants.

Time to prune
The end of flowering is prime time to prune shrubs like Buckinghamia and Murraya paniculata However, leave winter and spring flowering shrubs alone as they will be flowering soon or initiating their flower buds: poinsettia, snowflake, camellias, gordonia, and azaleas. Now would be a good time to supply at little extra potassium.

Don’t forget florals
March and early April is the main month for sowing Annual Flowers for spring. It might be fun to try if you have some empty beds to fill. A packet of mixed spring flower garden seed can provide quite a variety for just a few dollars. Try florals in tubs for a great show of colour, and it’s easy to do.

Sourced from Queensland Gardening.