Nominate your Ipswich hero for Citizen of the Year

Luise Manning, judged Citizen of the Year 2016

Do you know a local hero that deserves recognition? Now is the time to nominate them for the 2018 Ipswich City Council’s Australia Day Awards.

Nominations are open across a wide range of categories, recognising success in community service, education, environment, arts, entertainment, science, technology and business.

This year’s Citizen of the Year was Luise Manning for her commitment to creating a pollution solution in Springfield Lakes. Luise has championed many eco-savvy programs and initiatives in the area, including the “Pick up 3 – Save Me” campaign. Luise hosted many clean up days around the Lakes and surrounding areas. Most notably, she has recently published a book to encourage the conservation of turtles. Modestly, Luise wasn’t even prepared to win, telling LifestyleQ: “I’m just a Mum who does good things for the environment. I really was surprised.”

To nominate an individual or an engaging event you attended this year, head to the Community Engagement page on and search for ‘Ipswich Australia Day Awards’. Terms and Conditions as well as entry forms are supplied here.

Nominations may be submitted online until Friday, 17 November. Nominations received after this date will be considered for the 2019 awards.