November Entertainment News



Heat magazine have released their annual richest Brits under 30 list and this year it may come as no surprise that singing boy-wonder Ed Sheeran has taken out the top spot.
Sheeran is reportedly worth over three hundred million, a huge hunk of which came from his Divide tour (nearly $1124 million).
He only managed to nab the top spot as Adele turned 31 last May. Following close behind him was Daniel Radcliffe who is still managing to pull in the dollars from Harry Potter despite the first movie being released nearly two decades ago.
Harry Styles of course came in number 3 and, thanks to a successful solo career is now worth a whopping $64 million.
While it is usually singers and actors who line the ranks of the richest, this years list included reality TV star Amber Gill from Love Island who clocked in at number 23 due to her popularity and endorsement deals.


Kevin Hart has released photos of his long and gruelling recovery after his devestating car crash in September.
Hart’s car which was driven by a friend, drove into a ravine, crushing him and the driver and leaving the vehicle unrecognisable.
Hart suffered a severe back injury and doctors say he will be unable to walk for another year. The photos show him being assisted by nurses with a walker to stand.
The comedian will reportedly not sue the driver, friend Jared Black who was driving the 1970 Plymouth.
However, Black who also sustained serious injuries may still sue Hart for not equipping the car with proper seatbelts.


The celebrity facial recognition application ‘Gradient’ has received celebrity endorsement from the likes of the Kardashians after its release in early October.
However, computer news security website Naked by Sophos ran tests with the app that matched brown carpet to Morgan Freeman, and various program icons to Beckham, James Madison, Vanessa Hudgens and Aldous Huxley.
As the author Paul Ducklin pointed out, while it may seem like harmless fun it is strange that the company behind Gradient has poured massive amounts into marketing, for what seems to be a useless app.
While questions around the safety of facial recognition are enough of a concern, it seems the sneaky pricing is the devil in disguise.
Signing up for a free trial could have you paying $20 a month for an app to tell you you’re a dead ringer for carpet, so it’s probably best to steer clear of this one…