Prep the kids, and you, for school


The transition from holidays to school time is not only daunting for children, but for parents too. Here are some simple back to school tips to kickstart the new year with a fresh and focused approach.

Re-establish routines
It’s important to have established a solid routine before the first day of school by having the children waking up early and completing their morning chores and activities on time.
A good idea is to print out a schedule for your children and stick it to their bedroom doors eg. Wake up at 7am, breakfast at 7:15am, brush teeth at 7:30 etc. Try and begin this at least a week before school goes back.

Schedule appointments
Before school starts, it’s a great idea to take your child to the doctor for a general check up to catch up on any required vaccinations, and to get tips from your GP on how to keep your kids healthy throughout the school year.
It’s also a great idea to book them in for a check up at the optometrist, dentist and any other health practitioner they see.

Keep food simple and healthy
Lunchbox ideas do not have to be tricky. As long as your child is receiving a variety of well-balanced and nutritional meals throughout the school day, don’t worry about spending hours every morning preparing their lunch or breakfast.
Meal prepping in advance can be advantageous to save time during the school week, so get the kids to help you out on a Sunday afternoon – not only will it teach them culinary skills, but will also inform them on good food choices.

Problems, a learning experience
Be prepared for problems as the school term wears on – bullying, behavioural problems, problems meshing with a new teacher and friendship issues are just some of the things your child may encounter.
Begin a dialogue with your child about potential issues they may experience before they head back to school. Keeping in regular contact with your child’s teacher also allows potential problems to be caught early.

Night before prep
Lay out the uniforms, have lunches already sorted and alarms set a little bit earlier so you can squeeze in some first day pictures. Try to hold back the tears if it’s their first day – save it for when you get back to the car!