Recipe of the Month: Korean Pork Belly Skewers


These skewers are the perfect companions to a winter afternoon barbeque, served with a crunchy green salad. Remember to marinate them overnight to let the magic really happen.

You will need…
•1 tsp finely diced chilli (see note)
•1 tsp pureed garlic
•1 tsp pureed ginger
•1 tbsp Chinese rice wine
•1 tbsp sweet soy sauce
•1 tbsp Korean barbecue paste
•½ tsp sugar
•500 g pork belly, sliced ½ – 1 cm wide (to your preference)
•coriander sprigs, to garnish

You will need to begin this recipe 1 day ahead
Marinating time: overnight

1.Place chilli, garlic, ginger, Chinese rice wine, sweet soy sauce, Korean barbecue paste and sugar in a dish. Mix until combined.

2. Place pork belly in the marinade and stir, making sure all pieces are covered well. Cover and refrigerate overnight (or as long as you can) to marinate.

3.Place two pieces of pork lengthways on a skewer (preferably metal). Spread out the meat as much as possible to allow the heat to transfer evenly so the skewers cook quickly. Repeat with remaining pork.

4. Place on a hot barbecue grill. Baste pork with any leftover marinade during cooking. Cook for 8—15 minutes, occasionally rotating skewers to ensure all sides are cooked evenly.

5. Garnish with coriander to serve.

You can use any type of chilli with this recipe

This recipe is from Richo’s Bar Snacks on SBS Food