Remember our veterans this Legacy Week


For the past 89 years Ipswich Legacy has been helping and supporting the families of service men and women who lost their lives on operations overseas, died in service or given of their health because of their service. Now it is time for you to help Legacy during their annual fundraising week.

Legacy Week is Australia’s iconic fundraising campaign which began in 1942. For more than 75 years, badges have been offered as a token of appreciation for donations made by the public.

Legacy had been running for many years already but was concerned that there would not be enough funds to assist the families of those who had lost a spouse or parent.

Legacy Week continues to be held during the first week of September. It has now been running for 76 years.

Volunteers from all walks of life, including members of the Australian Defence Force, come together to support the families of those who served their country.

Ipswich Legacy has stalls set-up in many of the major shopping centres throughout Ipswich and surrounding areas. On sale are badges, bears, stubby holders and much more and all monies raised helps Ipswich Legacy in their efforts to make a difference in the community.

But like all community organisations, Ipswich Legacy struggles to gain enough funding to operate as it would like as it does not receive government funding support. Its programs and support for these families all comes from donations by the community.

Ipswich Legacy also relies on volunteers to conduct its operations. Many of its volunteers are ageing and not able to do as much as they used to, so Ipswich Legacy is always looking out for more people willing to give of their time and make a commitment to help these families who need the ongoing support from Legacy.

There are a number of ways you can help: by donating money or making a bequest to Ipswich Legacy; donating your time to help in fundraising activities or by becoming a Legatee and making a commitment to support and help look after the families of our deceased and incapacitated service personnel.

If you also know of a family whose loved one has passed or in suffering from an incapacity and they were in the services then you could suggest to them they contact Ipswich Legacy on 3281 9419 or by email at and speak to one of the staff members.

Be a part of Australia’s Legacy. Buy a Badge this Legacy Week and wear it with pride – and please consider if you can donate some of your time to help Legacy carry on its important work.

Wayne McDonnell, President, Ipswich Legacy