Ridiculous antics, with Jimeoin


From the ridiculous to the hilarious… Ipswich audiences will be in stitches when one of the best stand-up comedians and masters of observational humour performs at the Civic Centre on March 10th.

Celebrities that are just so good, they only need to go by one name: Beyoncé, Adele, Bono and yes, dare I say Jimeoin. And no, before you ask, it’s not because nobody can pronounce his complicated Gaelic surname. He’s just that funny… and that ridiculous.

The Irish-born funnyman is set to perform in Ipswich after touring the United Kingdom since the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year.

With his “I don’t give a damn” attitude, the comedian says he doesn’t alter his jokes for anybody or any audience, whether they’re watching him in big cities like London or small Australian townships like Bunbury.

“I sometimes change things like dollars to pounds but my material travels well,” Jimeoin said.

“I curse more in mining towns, and there’s more of a difference between a gig on Monday and again on a Friday as opposed to different countries.”

Australians enjoy a crude joke or two, but Jimeoin believes it’s all dependent upon the session of his show, for when he can really let the less politcally correct comments fly.

“Depends what day of the week is,” Jimeoin said. “Fridays are brutal. Saturdays are couples. Sunday? F**k ‘em,” he said.

Since Jimeoin’s ‘The Ridiculous’ performance falls on a Saturday, he says “best you bring along someone you’re comfortable with, for their sake!” Jimoein says, whatever happens “expect a really good laugh, one where you slap the person next to you and grab their arm.

Hopefully you’re sitting next to somebody you know!”

While he jokes around about enjoying the bigger crowds more for the bigger paycheck, Jimeoin is excited to launch the first leg of his “The Ridiculous” Australian tour here in Ipswich.

“I enjoy the big crowds, as I often get paid more money; so yeah, big crowds are better,” he said.

“No I’m kidding! The truth is I just enjoy it.”

The jokester has been in the comedic spotlight since the early 1990s, and he has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon.

When asked what his next big step is, Jimeoin joked: “It’s just lots of small steps, never really one big step, but I believe it was Neil Armstrong who said that when he landed on the moon. If you were lucky to get tickets to Jimoin’s show, you can catch up with him at the Ipswich Civic Centre on Saturday, March 10!”

Are you beginning to see what kind of ridiculousness you’re in for when you see him live in concert?

The one thing you don’t need to worry about is seeing ‘tired’ material.

“If I ever get tired of telling a joke.. then it probably wasn’t a good joke in the first place,” he said.

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