Saving for a house deposit is easier than you think

  • words by Taylah Antonelli 

Here are a few ideas you can use to make saving just a little easier. Whether you are looking to buy in the next six months or the next six years, one of these tips is sure to help you out. 


Tackle your Spending First 

Go through your monthly budget and look at what you are spending your money on. Factor in everything, including gym memberships, Netflix subscriptions, app subscriptions and even your daily coffees. Ask yourself, is this a necessary cost or can it be eliminated? 

Sticking to Your Budget 

Now that you have deciphered your monthly costs, it is time to set a budget! Think about fun and social events as well, so you have a bit of flexibility. If you don’t use it during the month, just pop the leftovers into your savings account. When you have decided on a final budget, get strict with yourself and make sure you stick to it! 

Extra Revenue 

Are there any ways you can make some extra cash? This may just be taking on an extra shift or adding a part-time job to your schedule. If you are creative or have a side hustle, cash this in and start selling some of your products. You may even have items or clothing pieces lying around that you no longer need, so post them up on Gumtree, eBay or Facebook to earn some extra money. 

Are you currently renting and attempting to add to your savings each week? Here are some ways you can maximise your savings account and minimise your weekly spending. 

  • Get a housemate – have you got a spare room that is collecting dust? Find a friend to move in, or post an ad on Not only will it help you divvy up the household costs, but it will also help you share around the household chores. 
  • Forgo the expensive lunches – meal prepping, making packed lunches and batch cooking are sure-fire ways to save money. You can make your lunch at home for as little as $3 a day, as opposed to spending $15-20 at your local café/takeaway shop. 
  • Create a mood board – having your dream home on display in a high traffic area of your house may just be that extra push to help you keep saving. 
  • Declutter – go through all your belongings and what you still need and what can go. Those unnecessary items can then be sold on Facebook, Gumtree or eBay. 
  • Ditch your morning coffee – skip your daily barista-made latte and make it yourself at home. You will be surprised how quickly that $3-4 each day can add up. 
  • Get walking – ditch your car and petrol costs and start walking, riding or catching public transport more. 
  • Stay on track – it can be hard to stick to saving, especially when those unexpected costs arise. However, it is extremely important to stick it out and keep chipping away at your goal. Persistence is key!