Special thanks to our health heros!

QLD Governor


The Health Heroes, the Clinical and Support Staff of West Moreton Health have been
working tirelessly around the clock line to keep our community safe and healthy during
Ipswich Hospital Foundation, the official foundation of West Moreton Health launched the
Hero-gram earlier this year to help share special messages of hope, thanks and support
from the community with the Health Heroes of our community.

Since the launch of Hero-gram, there has been an overwhelming response from the
the community in not only the West Moreton Region but has also seen support from interstate and internationally from those who know of others working hard in West Moreton.

The Foundation was honoured to recently receive a very official Hero-gram from His
Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland showing his respect
and gratitude to all Health Heroes and his recognition and thanks for the Foundation’s

His Excellency’s Hero-gram reads: “Thanking and acknowledging remarkable Queenslanders is the most inspiring aspect of being Governor of our state.”

“There are a few to whom our contemporary society owes a greater debt of gratitude than
our healthcare workforce. As I remarked in my 2020 ANZAC Day Address, dedicated to
military nurses, our health professionals have all proven throughout COVID-19 to be a
special kind of angel – professional to the core, tough, resilient, enterprising, and
compassionate. There is more to be done, but Queenslanders have been assured by the
calm professionalism of the health response to date.”

“It is a cohesive State which acknowledges the importance of these contributions as they
really do help define who we are as Queenslanders.”

“As Governor, I, therefore, thank the Ipswich Hospital Foundation for enabling us all to
express our support by sending a ‘Hero-gram’. To all frontline heroes and their magnificent
support contingent, thank you on behalf of all Queenslanders – you have Kaye’s and my
enduring respect and gratitude.”

To send a Hero-gram, view all the Hero-grams submitted by our community, or for more information, visit: https://www.ihfoundation.org.au/health-hero-gram/