Spring fashion in colours and texture



Spring has sprung, the grass is green… I wonder where the fashion has been? Oh wait – it’s right here, and LifestyleQ has the freshest new trends and threads for you to explore this season.


Lavender flowers may bloom in the summertime, but we’re getting in early and donning this gorgeous hue in Spring. If you’re a little bit tired of the sickly sweet “millennial pink”, this trend is for you. The best part? Wear as little or as much as you like – whether it’s a silk head scarf or a head to toe ensemble, you’re bound to rock this fresh Spring look.


There’s something about wearing a linen piece that makes us feel like we’re on holidays. Light, airy and a seriously comfortable fabric, you can expect everything from crops to shorts, playsuits and everything in between made of this awesome fabric. We love a neutral coloured linen as featured, but don’t be scared to experiment with colours like navy, red or burnt orange.

Ditch the Handbag

“What? How am I meant to carry all my worldly possessions?”, you say. Relax – we’re swapping traditional handbags in favour of straw bags and even basket bags. Why you ask? Well aside from being totally cute, they remind us of warm sunny days spent having a picnic.. the ultimate Spring activity. The neutral tone of these bags means it’s almost impossible to find an outfit they don’t match!

Assymmetrical Necklines

Most of us are used to asymmetrical hemlines, but the asymmetrical neckline ramps up your outfit a few notches. Not for the faint hearted, this neckline achieves two things – gives excitement to what could be an ordinarily plain outfit, particularly in monochromatic colours and most importantly, pays homage to your décolletage, shoulders and collarbones!


Miranda Priestley from the Devil Wears Prada may think it’s predictable, but of course – we couldn’t do Spring without florals. However, don’t discount the other print favourites, which are still very much in-season: gingham, polka dots and leopard.