St John Ambulance courses refresh first aid skills


As the weather heats up and people spend more time in the sun, St John Ambulance is sending a timely reminder to keep first aid skills up-to-date.

A number of common ailments affect people more regularly in the summer months including sunburn, bluebottle stings, bee stings, burns and heat exhaustion.

“People spend more time outdoors in summer and even a few extra moments in the sun can lead to severe sunburn or heat exhaustion,” said Alex Hutton, Chief Executive Officer of St John Ambulance Queensland.

“We recommends wearing protective clothing, using at least 30+ sunscreen and wearing sunglasses outdoors. It’s also important to keep up your fluid intake and avoid extended periods in direct sunlight to avoid heat exhaustion,” he said.

St John first aid courses equip people with the knowledge and confidence to deal with a first aid situation, and the service encourages all Australians to get summer ready, learning first aid.

Here are some tips to avoid one of the common summer nasties: sun stroke:

– Drink cool fluids and avoid alcohol.
– Avoid heavy exertion midday.
– Protect against sunburn.
– Wear loose and light clothing
– Never leave anyone in a parked car.
– Stay in a cool environment.
– Take a cool shower or bath.

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