Star Style – Awkwafina


American actress and rapper Awkwafina is an unlikely candidate for a fashion spotlight. And yet, the self confessed fashion ‘weirdo’ continues to draw praise from designers and critics world wide for her brash and unapologetic attempt to wear anything and everything.

Her consistent penchant for the brightest hues and loudest lines, is a part of an evolving style that focuses on erratic creativity.
As an actor renowned for her ability to break through representation barriers, it’s no surprise that she recognises the power in adaptability and fresh outlooks.
This translates into her style which speaks to power and the feminine, putting her in a tracksuit and pumps on a Monday, popping out of a tulle explosion on Tuesday and into a sexy, sleek blazer combo come Wednesday.

While her take is unpretentious it’s certainly not without inspiration.
The famously down-to-earth performer has a true eye for colours, an unabashed approach to pairing unlikely finds and most importantly, it is loud, engaging, full of humour and approachable: just like it’s creator.

If you’re looking to re-create some of Awkwafina’s finest looks, there are two simple ideas to stick by.
Don’t sacrifice! We live in a golden age where comfort and style can live happily hand in hand. By throwing all your colours into one element, you can keep the rest simple. Or, pick a few of your favourite pieces and make them work for your day by dressing them up or down as you need. Choose what works for you.

Secondly, make like Fina’ and don’t be scared to try it all before you find your groove. In today’s world where fashion cycles go at double speed, it’s so easy to have it all. Cropped, flared, muted, glittered, one piece, two-piece, ball gown, overalls, heels, sneakers! You’ll never know what you love until you’ve given it a go.

While she may be a huge movie star with access to a top line wardrobe, Awkwafina’s style works because it’s the greatest representation of who she is. With her new film The Farewell out this month, we can expect an entire new wardrobe on show, and it’s anybody’s guess what she’ll be flaunting next.