Star Style: Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore has recently been in Australia promoting her new affordable and cruelty-free makeup line, ‘Flower’ and as always, she was rocking some stunning dress numbers. While the veteran starlet has gone through more than a few style changes since the 80s she has made a name for herself as the queen of boho-chic. Barrymore’s approach to fashion and beauty has been an egalitarian one that champions inner strength for outer magnificence. Luckily for the rest of us that means we can channel Barrymore’s brilliance on a shiny dollar. Here are a few of her commands for fashion success.

As someone who has been on the fashion and beauty circuit since she was eight, I think we can trust the queen when she says to make it up! Recently, as broadcast on Instagram, Barrymore was stuck when she couldn’t decide which lipstick would suit her outfit for the Sydney party launch. Taking two favourites, she did the ‘half half’ test, deciding they were both wrong, she rubbed her lips together to achieve a perfect mix and went on to the party! Experimenting with makeup allows you to personalise your approach and develop your own style- no two skin tones are made the same.

Barrymore’s approach to colour is bold and refreshing. She breaks all the traditional rules for redheads by favouring bright pinks and blue eyeshadow’s (she is an 80’s gal at heart after all). She keeps it from being too chaotic by drawing focus to one piece and building her outfit around that.

If there’s one thing for certain, (even when she’s wearing Valentino) Drew always keeps her style relaxed. She allows her hair to sit naturally, and her makeup is minimal, highlighting her smile- one of her most beautiful features. While this flies in the face of todays love of sharp contouring and skin tight outlines, Barrymore continues to keep it fresh by creating variations on the boho-theme. Long maxis with flattering wastes and statement earrings mean she can let the pieces do most of the work, while she can keep it loose.

The beauty is a huge fan of protecting her skin while looking fly and luckily for her, a statement hat never goes astray. She favours wide brimmed Stetsons which lend an authentic Stevie Nicks vibe to her boho style. These hats are popping up everywhere right now and can be bought almost everywhere- perfect for the upcoming festival season.