Star Style – Priyanka Chopra


Whilst Chopra may be BFF’s with Meghan Markle and engaged to heartthrob Nick Jonas, Chopra has paved a successful acting career in both the Indian and American film industries.

However, what she’s recently fallen into the spotlight for is her sense of style.

Whilst the former Miss World 2000 typically favours an old-school chic style of dressing, she’s not afraid to experiment with sophisticated power suits to bold coloured crop tops and flared jeans.

Through her dressing, Chopra accentuates some of her best attributes – bold lipstick to highlight her plump lips, crop tops or two pieces to define her hour glass figure and incorporating traditional Indian garments into her wardrobe to honour her Indian culture and heritage.

With rumours she will wed Jonas in Jodhpur this month, expect to see more paparazzi pictures of the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra soon.