Star Style- Zendaya


Zendaya is only twenty-three years old and already she has carved out a name for herself on the stage, in front of the camera, in the recording studio and now on the runway. With her recent collaboration with fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, it’s amazing to see how her style has evolved.

Zendaya’s style has matured and evolved at a rapid rate during her few years in the fashion industry. Her initial line, Daya, was designed to be affordable, flattering and accessible to a wide range of women.

It was street smart and the chic side of grunge, but it was also a little boring.

Slips, chokers and crops all have their place but it doesn’t work if they are trying too hard.
The Daya line has been rife with strife since it first opened, with customers complaining they never received their orders which led to Zendaya cutting ties with the company and now a lawsuit in 2019.

Hopefully she can resurface with this new collaboration.

Her new line with Tommy Hilfiger is an unapologetic dive into the 1970s, putting forth a narrative of strength, sexiness, danger and ingenuity. The high waists, knee high boots, detective leather trench coats and the spotlight on snakeskin manage to speak volumes of authentic New York. Zendaya has cultivated, through her design, an identity that she is in control of and one that shows she is capable of evolving her creativity to always aim higher.

The range is out now and available online.