Stay in pyjamas for a purpose

National Pyjama Day

While current restrictions have been a good excuse for many of us to stay in our pyjamas all day long, many in the Ipswich community will soon be donning their pyjamas for a different purpose.

Members of the community are currently preparing for the comfiest day of the year: National Pyjama Day held on July 17.

The annual event aims to raise awareness and funds for The Pyjama Foundation, a nonprofit that supports children in foster care by empowering them through learning, life skills and confidence.

Ipswich Volunteer Sarah Pearson has been part of the Foundation supporting a child in care
for just over a year, she says her role brings her so much satisfaction, grateful she is able to be part of something that has such an enormous impact on her young person’s life.

“I love the fact that it’s all about that love of learning and it’s all about them, there are no boxes to be ticked and there are no timelines,” she said.

“I give her praise when she is doing really well, and her little face absolutely lights up at
praise… moments like that really feels like you’re making a difference.”

The money raised from National Pyjama Day will support The Pyjama Foundation’s Love of
Learning Program and help to recruit many more Pyjama Angels just like Sarah to support
children in foster care.

The Pyjama Foundation Founder and CEO Bronwyn Sheehan said while this year’s
fundraising efforts may look different, she is confident the supportive Ipswich community
will help in whatever way they can.

“Many people are already staying in their pyjamas in the comfort of their own home, so why not use this extra time to wear them for purpose and help raise money to support kids in care,” she said.

“Money raised by the day enables us to continue expanding our reach and supporting many
more vulnerable children across the country.

“With statistics showing more than 90% of children, care will fall below the average reading
level by age 7, this service has never been more important.”

Last year more than 1,800 participants from schools to law firms donned their pyjamas at events around the country.

To get involved, registrations can be made via with a free host kit sent to everyone planning their big day.

By supporting National Pyjama Day, the life direction of many children in foster care has the potential to be changed forever.