The essential work wardrobe


Every year, shoppers continue to load up on the newest finds in the eternal search for the easy work wardrobe. However, studies have shown that most people only wear about ten outfits, over and over, so maybe it’s time for a rethink on what we buy to wear to work, and stocktake what is already in our wardrobe.

Despite what almost every television show and movie tells us, maintaining a fully stocked wardrobe that has you effortlessly ready for every occasion is nigh on impossible. However, having a flexible wardrobe that you can mix and match in, is the lazy dressers dream. Like every brilliant life hack, you’ll need some supplies to get it going. Here are the wardrobe essentials that will take your look anywhere you want it.


Having two pairs of shoes that are equally chic but endlessly different gives you options for each outfit. Whether you pick classic pumps and sling backs, flats and tie-ups or espadrilles and sleek sandals, you’ll be able to match with anything.


Button ups are the keystone to keeping it classy and business like. Incorporating a high quality silk button up means that you can skimp on pants or blazers. Crisp button ups can turn a simple pencil skirt into a professional package and a light cotton button up with some colour can be a refreshing change up for your regular work trousers.


The trench coat can do a lot of things. It can flatter your figure, pull an outfit together, keep you warm and act as a palette grounder for colours. However, coats aren’t just for winter. Include a light summer blazer in your ensemble. Bonus- if the heat has you sleevless you can throw it on for meetings or lunches without adding extra fabric.


The pencil skirt has long been a favourite of many office going women, but it doesn’t have to be the only one. With brands like Gorman opening up the office to artistic jungle patterns galore, you now have a choice to show a little more personality around the greys and blacks. Even better, the same colour shows are available in trousers and the traditional office dress cut.